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    We have a proven way of helping golfers of all levels get way better

    At GOLFTEC, we know what it takes to play your best golf. We use technology and data-driven facts - not opinion - to give customized golf lessons and club fittings.

    It takes numbers, data, and facts and that is where every GOLFTEC student starts. Leveraging our OptiMotion swing measurement system, our Coaches start with measuring your swing to truly understand your game. From there, we help golfers of all abilities improve their golf game and confidence.

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    What Differentiates Us?

    We Have Every Tool You Succeed

    To get way better at the great game of golf takes more than swing opinion and theory. It takes numbers, data, and facts - and that is where every GOLFTEC Student starts

    Leveraging our exclusive OptiMotion swing measurement system, our Coaches can accurately measure your swing and key body movements, You can also practice in our training bays using video feedback so you can measure your progress on the swing changes you and your Coach are making. This is the starting base for your journey to a way better swing and game

    At GOLFTEC, you have every tool you need to improve your entire game.



    Your Own Personal Coach

    At GOLFTEC, your lessons are led by a dedicated Coach whose sole purpose is tailoring instruction to you and serving as your guide so you achieve your goals on the golf course.

    Not only do our Coaches have all the state-of-the-art GOLFTEC tools, but they are also highly skilled and go through extensive training that never stops. They understand the commitment it takes from the Student and Coach working toward a mutual goal of major golf improvement.

    Your GOLFTEC Coach is as passionate about your improvement as you are. 

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    Build Your Perfect Set of Clubs with Custom Club Fittings

    More distance and better accuracy are just a couple of benefits of having properly fit clubs. 

    Your journey to better golf will start with your own personal Club Fitter who will get you in the right set of clubs for your swing and game. Not only will you perform better but you can attack the golf course with greater confidence knowing you have the right clubs to play your best golf

    That's why we compare and analyse clubs from top brands fully optimized to you through our TECFIT club fitting process.



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    Inara's Journey With GOLFTEC

    Inara is one of our top students at GOLFTEC Hong Kong who has improved her game with us and has recently been offered a golf scholarship to go to university in America.

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    Whether you are new to golf or are an experienced golfer, major improvement starts with GOLFTEC. Join us and boost your golf game and confidence.

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