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World Class Club Fitting as Recognized by Callaway

GOLFTEC is proud to be a Top 100 Callaway Club Fitter. Every year Callaway recognizes the facilities in the golf industry that emphasize the importance of accurate fitting to golfers of all ability levels.

If you are looking to purchase Callaway golf clubs, GOLFTEC offers Custom Club Fitting at our centre in Admiralty through Certified Master Fitters. All Callaway clubs sold at GOLFTEC are custom fit at prices that match other retailers.




Callaway Paradym
The New Paradym in Performance

To create a new paradigm for golfers, Callaway reimagined how a driver is built from the ground up. This is a complete shift in performance, with a design that radically breaks the tradeoff between incredible distance and exceptional forgiveness. The Paradym Shift Construction features an industry-first 360 Carbon Chassis that eliminates titanium from the body, so Callaway can push weight and stability to the limit.

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High Performance Innovation  

Callaway leads the industry in forgiveness and ball speeds. Every golf club Callaway produces has a single goal in mind – help players enjoy the game through more consistent ball striking and forgiveness. 


Your clubs need to be custom fit to your own unique swing and ball flight characteristics.

Buying new Callaway golf clubs from GOLFTEC is a personalized experience intended to maximize your full potential. When you buy off the rack, you are leaving distance and accuracy to chance. GOLFTEC's 60 to 90-minute club fitting process, powered by TECFIT, ensures your Callaway clubs are precisely fit to your swing.

Callaway Technology


The 360° Carbon Chassis removes all titanium from the body by combining a Triaxial Carbon crown and a Forged Carbon sole that’s 44% lighter.


The new A.I. designed face is optimized to increase ball speeds, enhance launch, and now downrange dispersion providing a more consistent shot pattern.


33% lighter than its predecessor, enhancing stability and ball speeds. Jailbreak A.I. is designed to increase stiffness in the body for higher ball speeds.


Hollow Body design features added stiffness to the body and support for the high-strength Forged 455 Face Cup. This produces incredibly fast ball speeds.

Featured Callaway Golf Clubs

Paradym Drivers

All new for 2023, Callaway has three different variations of the Paradym driver. The base model is engineered for players of all skill levels, this club promotes high launch and low spin characteristics along with a neutral ball flight. The X model is built for a high launch with high MOI, along with a generously stretched profile at address, best suited for golfers seeking extreme forgiveness and a slight draw bias from their driver. The Triple Diamond Model is a compact, 450cc shape designed for better players who want to work the ball. It’s the lowest spinning and lowest launching Paradym model with a neutral ball flight.

BASE LOFTS: 9º, 10.5º, 12º
X LOFTS: 9º, 10.5º, 12º
TRIPLE DIAMOND LOFTS: 8º, 9º, 10.5º 

SHAFTS: ALDILA Ascent PL Blue 40 (L), Project X HZRDUS Gen 4 Silver 50/60 (R,S), Project X HXRDUS Gen 4 Black 60 (S,XS), Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 6 (S,XS)

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Paradym Fairway Woods

Callaway has three different versions of the Paradym fairways. The base model is for golfers who want a high launching fairway wood with a neutral ball flight. The X model is will fit players looking for our most forgiving shape with a high launch and a slight draw bias. The Triple Diamond model is their most compact fairway wood shape with a deeper face at address. This offering is best suited for stronger players who are looking for a penetrating ball flight with lower spin.

BASE LOFTS: 3(15º), 3HL(16.5º), 5(18º), HW(20º), 7(21º), 9(24º), 11(27º)
X LOFTS: 3(15º), 3HL(16.5º), 5(18º), 7(21º)
TRIPLE DIAMOND LOFTS: 3+(13.5º), 3(15º), 5(18º)

SHAFTS: ALDILA Ascent PL Blue 40/50 (L,R), Project X HZRDUS Gen 4 Silver 60 (S), Project X HXRDUS Gen 4 Black 70 (S,XS), Mitsubishi Kai'li White 70/80 (S,XS)

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Paradym Hybrids

Callaway has two different versions of the Paradym Hybrids. The Paradym Hybrid is for golfers who want a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and control. The Paradym X model is for golfers who want a hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and forgiveness. The Cutwave Sole design improves the club’s performance through the turf, making this the most versatile hybrid.

BASE LOFTS: 3(18º), 4(21º), 5(24º), 6(27º)
X LOFTS: 3(18º), 4(21º), 5(24º), 6(27º), 7(30º)

SHAFTS: ALDILA Ascent PL Blue 50 (L), Project X HZRDUS Gen 4 Silver 65 (R)

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Apex 21 Hybrids

Apex 21 is a high-tech, high-performance hybrid that blends exceptional ball speed with our remarkable new Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades. This is a versatile, high performance hybrid that can help a wide range of golfers. The Apex Pro 21 is a players hybrid featuring compact shaping, control and workability.

LOFTS: 3(19º), 4(21º), 5(24º), 6(27º)
PRO LOFTS: 2(18º), 3(20º), 4(23º), 5(26º)

SHAFTS: UST Mamiya Recoil Dart 75 (L,R,S), Mitsubishi MMT 70/80 HB (L,R,S,XS)

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Paradym Irons

The Paradym Irons combine A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face with the all-new Speed Frame. They’re designed for golfers who are looking for a players’ distance iron with a refined shape and premium forging. The Paradym X Irons add up to 79g of external and internal tungsten weights, placed precisely to enhance launch conditions and improve speed on mis-hits. Giving you the best of incredibly long distance technologies and premium forged feel.

BASE LOFTS: 4(20º) 5(23º) 6(26º) 7(29º) 8(33º) 9(37º) PW(42º) AW(47º) GW(52º)
X LOFTS: 4(18.5º) 5(21.5º) 6(24.5º) 7(27.5º) 8(31.5º) 9(36º) PW(41º) AW(46º) GW(51º) SW(56º)

SHAFTS: ALDILA Ascent PL Blue 50 (L), True Temper Elevate 85/95 (R,S), Project X HZRDUS Gen 4 Silver 65/75 (R,S)

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Apex Irons

It’s the first forged iron designed with Artificial Intelligence for faster ball speeds, and that’s just the beginning. Callaway's world-class R&D team has improved spin consistency using A.I., increased forgiveness from our massive Tungsten Energy Core, and enhanced the shaping for even better turf interaction. Apex delivers superior performance with iconic feel on every swing.

21 LOFTS: (3) 19º (4) 21º (5) 23.5º (6) 26.5º (7) 30.5º (8) 34.5º (9) 38.5º (PW) 43º (AW) 48º
DCB LOFTS: (4)20º (5)23º (6)26º (7)30º (8)34º (9)38º (PW)43º (AW) 48º
PRO LOFTS: (3)20.5º (4)23º (5)26º (6)29º (7)33º (8)37º (9)41º (PW)45º (AW)50º

21 SHAFTS: True Temper Elevate ETS (95g), UST Recoil Dart (70g)
DCB SHAFTS: True Temper Elevate ETS (85g), UST Recoil Dart (60g)
PRO SHAFTS: True Temper Elevate ETS (115g), UST Recoil Dart (85g)

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Jaws RAW Wedges

Jaws Raw brings raw scoring performance to your wedge game. Featuring the most aggressive grooves in golf, with a raw face that promotes maximum spin. For the first time ever, Callaway is bringing tungsten technology to a wedge, for a weight balanced club that offers both feel and control.

LOFTS: 48º 50º 52º 54º 56º 58º 60º

SHAFTS: True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115, Project X Catalyst Wedge

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Big Bertha REVA

The new Big Bertha Reva family of golf clubs are designed for women to unlock your distance with a premium technology package. Big Bertha Reva is a complete lineup of golf clubs- driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons designed to take your game to new distances. Using more breakthrough technology than ever before, Callaway made Reva the longest, most forgiving Big Bertha edition yet.

SHAFTS: Callaway RCH Graphite Womens


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