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High Performance Innovation  

Callaway leads the industry in forgiveness and ball speeds. Every golf club Callaway produces has a single goal in mind – help players enjoy the game through more consistent ball striking and forgiveness. 


Your clubs need to be custom fit to your own unique swing and ball flight characteristics.

Buying new Callaway golf clubs from GOLFTEC is a personalized experience intended to maximize your full potential. When you buy off the rack, you are leaving distance and accuracy to chance. GOLFTEC's 60 to 90-minute club fitting process, powered by TECFIT, ensures your Callaway clubs are precisely fit to your swing.

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Fit with Confidence

World Class Club Fitting as Recognized by Callaway

GOLFTEC is proud to be a Top 100 Callaway Club Fitter. Every year Callaway recognizes the facilities in the golf industry that emphasize the importance of accurate fitting to golfers of all ability levels.

If you are looking to purchase Callaway golf clubs, GOLFTEC offers Custom Club Fitting at most locations and has Certified Master Fitters at select locations. All Callaway clubs sold at GOLFTEC are custom fit at prices that match other retailers.

Callaway Technology


Callaway's A.I.-designed Flash Face is specifically engineered to work with the Jailbreak Speed Frame, promoting fast speeds across a more expansive area.


By applying Artificial Intelligence, this new structure is designed to enhance horizontal and torsional stability to promote an increase in ball speeds across the face.


Epic creates exceptionally high forgiveness, starting with a lighter, stronger Triaxial Carbon material that saves over 19 grams of weight vs. titanium. Callaway's engineers have redistributed that saved weight to promote high launch and more forgiveness.


With a 17g sliding rear weight, golfers have extensive adjustability to promote the ball flight that they want to play. Combined with the OptiFit hosel, the Epic MAX provides up to 20 yards of shot shape correction.

Featured Callaway Golf Clubs


Epic MAX

Callaway used Artificial Intelligence to engineer a NEW formula for speed, and put it into their most forgiving Epic driver ever. The new Epic MAX is a remarkable engineering feat for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter than they ever have before.

It’s built on a simple equation: max ball speed (with the new Jailbreak A.I Speed Frame) + maximum forgiveness (with high MOI and adjustable weighting) = the ultimate max driver.

LOFTS: 9º 10.5º 12º

SHAFTS: Project X Cypher (40g), Project X Hzrdus Smoke IM10 (50g, 60g)




What happens when you use Artificial Intelligence to engineer aNEW formula for speed that doesn’t even seem possible? The answer is you get the Epic Speed, Callaway's fastest Epic ever.

Epic Speed will change the industry forever with a simple equation that creates a profound impact on driver technology and performance.

LOFTS: 9º 10.5º 12º

SHAFTS: Project X Cypher (40g), Project X Hzrdus Smoke IM10 (50g, 60g)




The industry’s ball speed leader has developed a completely NEWformula for speed that low spin players will love. Introducing the EpicMAX LS Driver, an ultra-high MOI offering for mid- to- low handicapplayers who want to more speed and forgiveness in a low spin package.

LOFTS: 9º 10.5º

SHAFTS: Mitsubishi MMT (60g, 70g)



Big Bertha B21

If you want to hit the ball farther, you have to hit it straighter. And to help eliminate your slice or big miss, Callaway created their first high launch driver with an ultra-low forward CG for low spin. It’s a new formula for distance to give you a more consistent ball flight, and more tee shots that find the fairway.

LOFTS: 9º 10.5º 12.5º

SHAFTS: A completely new shaft designed by Callaway to specifically enhance the Big Bertha offering. Features an Active Tip Flag section for easy launch. Callaway RCH 45/55/65




Epic Fairway Woods

A new era of speed is coming for fairway woods that are easy to launch, and easy to hit. In 2021 fast is going to get faster, long is going to get even longer, and straight is going to get a lot straighter. With our Epic MAX Fairway Woods, we’ve set a new bar for ball speed technologies in an oversized shape.

MAX LOFTS: 3W+/13.5º, 3W/16º, 5W/18º, HVN/20º, 7W/21º, 9W/23º, 11W/25º
SPEED LOFTS: 3W+/13.5º, 3W/15º, 4W/16.5º, 5W/18º, 7W/21º

SHAFTS: Project X Cypher (40g, 50g), Project X Hzrdus IM10 (60g, 70g), Mitsubishi MMT (70g)



Big Bertha B21 Fairway Woods

Some golfers try to avoid using a fairway wood; they just can’t make consistent contact off of the ground or they don’t hit it as well as they would like to. Big Bertha B21 is here to change all that - it’s Callaways easiest to launch fairway wood that’s designed to give you more distance.

LOFTS: 3W/15º, 5W/18º, 7W/21º, 9W/24º

SHAFTS: Callaway RCH Graphite 45/55/65/75




EPIC Super Hybrid

A hybrid with the DNA and technology of a driver, we like the sound of that. This is the new Epic Super Hybrid, better known as the most technologically advanced hybrid Callaway has ever made. Epic Super Hybrid borrows key design and construction elements from their award-winning Epic Drivers. A proven and powerful foundation of an all-titanium A.I. designed Flash Face, titanium body, and triaxial carbon crown.

LOFTS: 16º, 18º, 21º, 24º, 27º

SHAFTS: Steelfiber FC Hybrids (60g/70g/80g)



Apex Hybrids

Callaway has been the #1 Hybrid in Golf for years, and they are constantly introducing game-changing innovations for every segment of the category. That’s especially true for the new Apex hybrid, a high-tech design that blends exceptional A.I. ball speed technologies, game improvement features and adjustability in a players shape. This is an extremely versatile, high performance package that can help a wide range of players.

APEX 21 LOFTS: 3H/19º, 4H/21º, 5H/24º, 6H/27º
APEX PRO LOFTS: 2H/18º, 3H/20º, 4H/23º, 5H/26º

SHAFTS: UST Recoil Dart (70g), Mitsubishi MMT (70g, 80g)



Big Bertha B21 Hybrids

Big Bertha B21 Hybrids are built for players who want to unlock their inner distance with a total forgiveness package. This is Callaways easiest to launch hybrid with a larger head volume, and it’s designed to help you get rid of the big miss that spins off line.

LOFTS: 3H/19º, 4H/21º, 5H/24º, 6H/27º, 7H/30º, 8H/33º

SHAFTS: Callaway RCH Hybrid Graphite 65



Big Bertha REVA

The new Big Bertha Reva family of golf clubs are designed for women to unlock your distance with a premium technology package. Big Bertha Reva is a complete lineup of golf clubs- driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons designed to take your game to new distances. Using more breakthrough technology than ever before, Callaway made Reva the longest, most forgiving Big Bertha edition yet.

SHAFTS: Callaway RCH Graphite Womens





It’s the first forged iron designed with Artificial Intelligence for faster ball speeds, and that’s just the beginning. Callaway's world-class R&D team has improved spin consistency using A.I., increased forgiveness from our massive Tungsten Energy Core, and enhanced the shaping for even better turf interaction. Apex delivers superior performance with iconic feel on every swing.

21 LOFTS: (3) 19º (4) 21º (5) 23.5º (6) 26.5º (7) 30.5º (8) 34.5º (9) 38.5º (PW) 43º (AW) 48º
DCB LOFTS: (4) 20º (5) 23º (6) 26º (7) 30º (8) 34º (9) 38º (PW) 43º (AW) 48º
PRO LOFTS: (3) 20.5º (4) 23º (5) 26º (6) 29º (7) 33º (8) 37º (9) 41º (PW) 45º (AW) 50º

21 SHAFTS: True Temper Elevate ETS (95g), UST Recoil Dart (70g)
DCB SHAFTS: True Temper Elevate ETS (85g), UST Recoil Dart (60g)
PRO SHAFTS: True Temper Elevate ETS (115g), UST Recoil Dart (85g)



Big Bertha B21

Epic Forged creates incredibly pure feel, with exceptional sound and turf interaction at impact from a Forged 1025 Carbon Steel body. And Callaway has implemented their patented urethane microspheres to comprehensively absorb unwanted vibration without slowing the face.

LOFTS: (4) 19º (5) 22º (6) 25º (7) 29º (8) 33º (9) 38º (PW) 43º (AW) 48º (SW) 54º (LW) 60º

SHAFTS: Callaway RCH 65i Graphite, KBS MAX CT80 Steel



JAWS Full Toe 

JAWS Full Toe is designed to give you control on all types of wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, and full shots into the green. The Jaws Full Toe combines four distinct technologies that make it an absolute spin machine. It all starts with our JAWS grooves, the most aggressive groove in golf. These JAWS grooves are extended across the face to provide spin anywhere that you make contact. To increase surface roughness of the club face, we add offset groove-in-groove technology and then combine it with a raw face, a first for us at Callaway. The wedges give you the spin and control you need to approach any shot with confidence.

LOFTS: 54º, 56º, 58º, 60º, 64º

SHAFTS: True Temper Tour Issue 115 Steel, Project X Catalyst 80 Graphite, UST recoil Wedge Graphite Women's




JAWS MD5 Wedges are crafted by Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland with total performance: premium shapes, striking finishes, outstanding feel, unique versatility and exceptional spin.

LOFTS: 46º 48º 50º 52º 54º 56º 58º 60º 64º

SHAFTS: True Temper Tour Issue 115 Steel, Project X Catalyst 80 Graphite, UST recoil Wedge Graphite Women's



Mack Daddy CB Wedges

The new Mack Daddy CB Wedge is built to take the guess work out of your short game with enhanced forgiveness, control, and tons of spin for more consistency around the green. This cavity back, game-improvement option is designed for precise shots even when you don’t make perfect contact, and it helps create a smooth transition from your irons to your wedges. With player friendly shaping, JAWS grooves and premium components, the Mack Daddy CB isengineered for better shots in the scoring zone.

LOFTS: 46º 48º 50º 52º 54º 56º 58º 60º

SHAFTS: KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 105, KBS Hi-Rev G (60g and 80g)

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