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Innovation, Performance and Quality Excellence

Titleist designs the highest performing equipment and offers the most precise experience in the game. An unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and performance and quality excellence are core values of the Titleist tradition.

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Your clubs need to be custom fit to your own unique swing and ball flight characteristics.

Buying new Titleist golf clubs from GOLFTEC is a personalized experience intended to maximize your full potential. When you buy off the rack, you are leaving distance and accuracy to chance. GOLFTEC's 60 to 90-minute club fitting process, powered by TECFIT, ensures your Titleist clubs are precisely fit to your swing.

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Titleist Technology


Faster in the air and faster at impact, all Titleist TSi drivers push the boundaries of speed through advanced engineering and material breakthroughs –including a new ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face construction never before used in golf.


The improved shaping of the TSi drivers allows the club head to move faster through the air and deliver more power at impact. These drivers have been aerodynamically engineered to reduce drag, increasing club head speed for greater ball speed and distance.

Polymer CORE

A unique polymer core developed in partnership with Titleist golf ball R&D provides precise sound and dampening qualities. Swing after swing you’ll get longer, straighter ball flight to take aim at better scores with every round.

Tungsten Weighting

The T Series irons features more tungsten than any other T-Series iron, with an average of 90g in the mid to long irons. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI.

Featured Titleist Golf Clubs





An Ultra-Lightweight 460cc driver, the TSi1 is almost 40g lighter than standard drivers. It is high launching with mid spin and is the most draw biased Titleist driver through CG positioning. By reshaping the head, engineers were able to move the CG closer to face center, which results in more ball speed versus the original TS1.

LOFTS: RH: 9º 10º 12º  |  LH: 10º

SHAFTS: Aldila Ascent 40 (S, R, R2) | 35(R3)





For players seeking incredible speed and accuracy across the entire surface of the face. Features a deeper, lower CG to maximize distance through Speed Optimized MOI design.

LOFTS: 9.0°, 10.0°, 11.0°

SHAFTS: Kuro Kage Black DC 5G SFW (50, 55), Tensei AV Blue RAW SFW (55, 65), HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX (60, 70), Tensei AV White Raw (65, 75)





For players who create more consistent contact and require more precise control over CG placement. With a new Adjustable CG Track Design for advanced speed-tuned performance.

LOFTS: 8.0°, 9.0°, 10.0°

SHAFTS: Kuro Kage Black DC 5G SFW (50, 55), Tensei AV Blue RAW SFW (55, 65), HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX (60, 70), Tensei AV White Raw (65, 75)





The new TSi4, the driver choice of Adam Scott, Russell Henley and Richy Werenski, among others on the PGA Tour, is engineered to be a high-speed, ultra-low spin design–challenging the notion that a driver designed for extreme spin reduction can’t produce that level of ball speed.

The Center of Gravity (CG) is the lowest in the TSi family of drivers and it is also the most forward. That allows the driver to deliver less dynamic loft and less spin at impact, providing that low spin promise. A higher Moment of Inertia (MOI)in the TSi4 also contributes to a higher launch, overall trajectory, and produces more distance for that target player. At 430cc, with a very classic, small pear-shaped profile and improved sound and feel, the TSi4 is also the most workable of all TSi drivers.

LOFTS: RH: 8º 9º 10º  |  LH: 9º

SHAFTS: HZRDUS Smoke Yellow60(Low launch/low spin)andTENSEI AV White RAW65(Low launch/low spin)





The TSi1 fairway metals are a true lightweight setup–almost 50 grams lighter than standard fairway metals. This was accomplished by taking 10 grams of weight out of the head while maintaining the MOI at the same level as the TSi2 fairways. To accomplish that, the CG depth is positioned further back which contributes to higher launch. Like the driver, lightening up the overall weight for fairway metals delivers the club speed, brings more ball speed, and gives that player a lot more playability and consistency. 

LOFTS:  RH: 3W 15º, 5W 18º, 7W 20º, 9W 23º (custom only) LH: 3W 15º, 5W 18º 

SHAFTS: Aldila Ascent 40(S, R, R2) | 35(R3)




TSi2 / TSi3 

For players seeking incredible speed and accuracy across the entire face.  A deeper, lower CG pairs with the new Active Recoil Channel 4.0 to produce a consistently higher, faster launch. 

LOFTS: TSi2 - 13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°  |  TSi3 - 13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°

SHAFTS: Kuro Kage Black DC (50, 55), Tensei AV Blue RAW (55, 65), HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX (60, 70), Tensei AV White (65, 75)






The larger profile, ‘wood-type’ TSi1 hybrids are engineered to deliver high launch and mid-spin, and feature a 455 Carpenter Steel Forged Face. It also has a deeper CG for high MOI and exceptional stability and speed across the face. The Titleist TSi1 hybrids range in lofts from 20º to 29º. In testing, moderate swing speed players preferred it, especially when they were able to generate more club speed and more distance.

LOFTS RH: 4H 20º, 5H 23º, 6H 26º, 7W 29º | LH: 5H 23º, 6W 26º

SHAFTS: AldilaAscent 55 HY (S, R) | 50(R2) | 40 (R3)




TS2 / TS3

Born from the Titleist Speed Project, TS Hybrids represent a new standard in hybrid performance. In a word, these things just GO. They look great, feel amazing, and explode through the ball with a lively Tour-preferred sound. Wonder what it’s like to play a hybrid you can’t wait to hit? Stop wondering and GO.

LOFTS 17º 19º 21º 23º 25º 37º

SHAFTS: Mitsubishi KUROKAGE Black Dual Core 55, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue 65, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 70, Project X Even Flow T1100 White 75




T Series

Revolutionary changes in the evolution of the Titleist T-Series advances the company’s mission of producing the world’s best irons. The new T-Series iron family features new materials, processes and refinements that power exacting precision, performance and unmatched feel.

T100: For the better player who is looking for precision control and unrivaled feel.

T100S: For the player who wants the exact look and feel of a Tour iron, but wants to hit it farther. 

T200: For the player who wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, forged feel, trajectory or stopping power. 

T300: The player’s game improvement iron, the new T300 continues to be powered by updated Max Impact technology that maximizes speed across a new variable face thickness (VFT) design.    

T100 SHAFT: True Temper AMT Tour White, MCA Tensei White AM2 

T100S SHAFTS: Project X LZ, MCA Tensei White AM2

T200 SHAFTS: True Temper AMT Black, MCA Tensei Blue AM2

T300 SHAFTS: True Temper AMT Red, MCA Tensei Red AM2




Vokey SM8

The Height of Innovation. Great wedge play comes from distance control, shot versatility and spin. Bob Vokey and team have designed the SM8 wedges to improve in all three areas. SM8 features a reimagined progressive center of gravity, which produces the most accurate and forgiving Vokey wedge yet. Using tungsten weights and varied hosel lengths, the Vokey R&D team has moved the CG outside of the wedge head and placed it in front of the face, resulting in increased MOI and exceptional feel. SM8 wedge grooves are meticulously engineered through a proprietary Spin Milled process to maximize spin and durability.

LOFTS: 46º 48º 50º 52º 54º 56º 58º 60º 62º

SHAFTS: True Temper Dynamic Gold



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